NaPoWriMo 12 – Waiting

by krstaten

Here’s a heaviness in the morning, heeded
even by the spring cardinals. Each breath
more filling, each quiet more full. Everywhere
the air thick with gray and quiet,
the call of morning muffled, almost
suffocating, smothered by the expecting,
the whole sky a fallow field in waiting–

and then, a new cacophony. Ten thousand
stuttering staccato beats tittering
on the rooftop, all this silence
exploding into a gale of laughter,
demanding that we drink, that we
wake, that we wake, that we wake.


Today’s prompt was alliteration, which can always be fun.

First recommendation of the day: “What the Dead Know by Heart” by Donte Collins, a favorite writer from my own semi-local poetry scene.

And my recommendation of a NaPoWriMo participaint’s poem: “Madness Bewitches Me” by Rahul Gaur