NaPoWriMo 2017 Recap

by krstaten

A couple days late, but I did want to do a NaPoWriMo recap.

So, I did not complete National Poetry Writing Month this year. The idea was to write a poem every single day for 30 days. I completed it last year, but fell short this year.

Except I don’t really see it as falling short at this stage. I did exactly what I set out to do, and I feel I withdrew at the right time.

No, I didn’t write thirty poems in thirty days. However, I did write to the prompts each day that I completed, which gave me the chance to explore new angles for writing and try new things in my writing. I experimented with writing in new forms, new styles, poems based on art…I learned a lot. I taught myself to stretch my poetry beyond what I was comfortabe with. Just as I knew, in the discomfort was where I found some of my favorite poems.

I’m not sorry that I backed out. I started feeling too overwhelmed to wander into discomfort, and started instead writing poems for the sake of having written them. I wasn’t learning anything from them anymore. I wasn’t letting myself feel the discomfort enough to write something different. And of course, it wasn’t worth it to push myself to complete it just to say I could and I did. I did that last year.

So here I am, having written a fair bit of stuff I hated but also a few poems I’m quite proud of. I’ll link my favorite poems I wrote this month below, and let you all get back to your regularly scheduled programming. Some of them are my favorites becuase I just think they were good poems, some because I’m proud of having worked in an uncomfortable form or style, and others just because I had so much fun with them.

Moving On
Recipe for Executive Dysfunction
Ode to Elle Woods
Current Events
Zeno’s Paradox