NaPoWriMo #15 – Sea Witch

by krstaten

Ursula puts her feet up on her desk–
at least she would if she had a desk,
or if in fact she had feet–and sighs.
These dogs are barking, she thinks–
or at least she would
if she’d ever heard a dog bark.
Imagine the dogs she must see.
Imagine if the only soft things
that ever made their way to you
were drowned.

She is the greatest, even if the only
salesperson in the sea.
Her own private dealership,
always pulling profits.
Job fulfillment practically zero,
but hey, you can’t argue
with those benefits.

Ursula calls eels to her,
compliments their smiles,
their wide grins ready to devour.
Calls the anglerfish, praises
the beauty of her entrapping light.
Calls the vampire squid to compare
the sheen of their tentacles.
Ursula knows no soft things,
only the beauty of the disavowed.
Ursula knows only kings
and drowning.