NaPoWriMo #5 – The Nature of Cats

by krstaten


He gives a look of deliberateness
a little graceful and a little sly, the liar
eyes posing a dare
maybe, to challenge his poise

or ask how he fell. Instead
he asks now what you saw, as he
slinks around the corner, to the sympathetic
music of the rustling weeds.

Nothing, of course. That’s the only answer
he wants to hear or his feline ego suffers
now compliment him, now praise

his wisdom, lie about his grace.
Then wait to laugh at his clumsiness until he’s
out of sight hearing or care.

Based on today’s NaPoWriMo prompt using the above photo and this poem. My “translation” was closer to the original than I had expected (possibly because I admittedly am decent at picking up linguistic patterns) and I choose to believe the original is also about a cat.