So I am really bad at this.

by krstaten

I’ve been trying really hard to do better at blogging, but priorities have been slightly rearranged.

Um. Well, first of all…I’m pregnant!

I found out April 30 and I’m due January 5. So that’s been eating a lot of my brain power. (Literally. Baby Brain is real, you guys. I think my baby is a zombie and is eating all my brain and making me dumb.)

It’s meant more appointments and other things to make me busy that I’m not used to.

I’ve given up on PuckerMob (something I rarely mentioned here anyway) but wanted to still have a place where I could control my own non-literature-related writing content, so you can also find me at! It’s my new place to talk about feminism and other social justice type issues, parenting and all that I’m learning along the way, and where those things intersect.

I am still writing poetry, but not as often since NaPoWriMo. It burned me out pretty bad, and right now I want to be a little bit more reserved about sharing my poetry. But I want to get back into writing ABOUT writing, and more importantly, writing about “life through a literary lens” as the blog title suggests. Literature has always been a filter through which I’ve understood my life and the world around me, and I think delving back into that and writing about it as such is going to be a great way to help me in my other blogging and writing endeavors.

So I’ll try not to let this semi-hiatus go on much longer, but be patient with me if I go a while between posts. Life has suddenly gotten a little more chaotic than it used to be, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. It might take me some time to adjust!