NaPoWriMo 24 – Animals

by krstaten

Everything seems to have the head
of something else. Everything else
thinks it’s human. Almost nothing
is human, and the human is more
animalistic, proud and shameless.
Here–a cowering stag holds the hand
of a starving nun, who holds the hand
of a pious hare, who holds the hand
of a ravenous boar. All reverential
in the face of a bard, bored,
listless. All standing on a ledge,
a precipice, just above the leaves,
just above where life starts.
Almost nothing is human. The nun,
she probably has hooves beneath
that dress. The bard, she probably
hides a tail. Everything else
thinks that it is human.


Today’s prompt can be found here. Easier read than described by me, I think.

I’m gonna hold off on recommendations because I’m posting this so late and feeling a little burnt out today. Less than a week left!