NaPoWriMo 21 – Grenades

by krstaten

We were talking about grenade launchers.
Which is to say, loosely, that we were talking
about ways in which things explode–
like sunset bursting into copper mist
over the river under a rusting steel bridge,
or the way the earth shatters
under handholds and footholds, leaving
behind filthy shoes and filthy palms.
We were talking about grenades,
which is to say, loosely, that there is so much
ready to explode as it’s leaving our grasp.


Today’s poem was to write a poem based on overheard dialogue, so my coworker shouting “We were talking about grenade launchers!” is what I decided to use.

Today’s first recommendation: “Beaches” by Rafael Casal (video)

Today’s fellow NaPoWriMo participant recommendation: “Accident” over at Arash’s Poetry