An Open Letter To My Heart

by krstaten

Dear Heart,
I know that one day
you will stop.
I learned a long time ago
to not be afraid–
all hearts

All hearts eventually find
that the slog of beating
is too much,
has been too much
for a long time.

I’m there, too.
The slog repetition
is too much,
and I am not as dedicated
as you. I am not
as grateful

to you
as I should be.
Dear heart,
I know you might have been expecting
a love poem.
When is the last time
I wrote a love
I only wanted to tell you
that I know you
are patient.


Today’s prompt was to write a poem in the form of a letter. I’ve written letter poems before that I think turned out better than this, but I didn’t sit down to write until after 9:30 and it’s a holiday and I worked today and I’m tired.

Today’s first recommendation is “Ode to My Bitch Face” by Olivia Gatwood (video).

Today’s fellow NaPoWriMo participant recommendation is “J. Alfred Prufrock Receives Junk Mail” by Ridiculousknits, because I’m a sucker for T.S. Eliot references.