NaPoWriMo 15 – Zeno’s Paradox

by krstaten

The storm
is not actually coming.

It’s mathematics–
that’s why the weathermen

are always wrong.
You see,

in order for the storm
to come,

it must first get halfway

and then first it must
get halfway

to halfway,
and halfway to halfway to–

See, the weathermen have
promised torrents

every day this week,
haven’t they?

Zeno is stronger
than Zeus.

The storm
is not coming.

These billowing clouds,
like movement,
are only an illusion.


We’re halfway done with April, so the prompt of the day was to write something about halfway, and who doesn’t love a good paradox?

Today’s recommendation: “Emerald Spider Between Rose Thorns” by Dean Young

Today’s recommendation of a fellow NaPoWriMo participant: “Would You, Could You, Should We” by bg-grizzo