NaPoWriMo 10 – Ode to Elle Woods

by krstaten

And what happens on the day
when this girl, this
decides to crack
herself open
and cause a flood?

Adorned and adoring
and wearing her femininity
like something much stronger
than perfume–

the crack of stiletto steps
steady as a heartbeat,
perpetual reminder that this body
could stand atop a pair
of daggers,
show its perfect curved
and walk with a flawleess
lipstick smile,
that this body
has felt hands
and hands
and hands
and left them

empty. This girl,
is nothing like empty.
This girl will carry compassion
in a handbag
with a damn chihuahua,
all right, and this girl
has enough love inside her
to drown the law
out of the room.

This girl
has a flood inside her,
nothing biblical,
but enough to promise
clean hands, soft hair,
softened hearts, clean slate. This
This girl makes manicured hands
mold the unknown
into defiance.


Today’s prompt was to write a poem that’s a portrait of someone. I feel weird most of the time writing portraits of real people, so I was casting about for fictional characters I admire, and landed on Legally Blonde, a movie about a woman who takes all the undermining expectations of her femininity and turns them into weapons, without giving up a shred of her soft and compassionate nature, and I just think that’s neat. So here’s this.

Today’s first recommendation is another fandom poem, done way better than I could ever hope to manage: “Neville Longbottom’s Boggart Attends Severus Snape’s Funeral” by Brenna Twohy.

Today’s NaPoWriMo participant recommendation is “Going Somewhere Soon” by whimsygizmo, who also managed to reel me in with fandom by starting off with a J.R.R. Tolkien quote. Because today is a fictional characters kind of day, I guess.