NaPoWriMo 7 – First Date

by krstaten

Music can be unmemorable, if you let it.
Take, for example, a mix CD
in an era of MP3. One that maybe spent weeks
tucked in the glovebox of a ’98 Grand Am,
that probably had a jewel case once,
that probably was a jewel once.
Take, for example, a movie theater,
some song playing that’s been in a dozen
other movies, something empty
that only prevents us from noticing the empty
spaces. A jewel case can be lost
as easily as anything–a wedding ring
washed down a drain, or a balloon let free
by a clumsy hand. The thing that once glinted
was crusted to the theater floor.
Someone found it who had only just fallen
in love. Took it home, and found it still played.
Forgot every song on it, and called it
a personal souvenir, a forgettable miracle.


Today’s prompt is a little tough to explain in a couple sentences, but if you’re curious you can find it at its source here.

My first poem recommendation: In Flushing Cemetery by Stephen Stepanchev

My second recommendation, a fellow NaPoWriMo participant: “A Button” at natasa-summerblues