NaPoWriMo 4 – Anything At All

by krstaten

A binary
that exists solely in opposition
to a binary,
that isn’t a binary at all,
that isn’t anything at all
in particular,
which isn’t to say it isn’t
anything at all

The rain is furious
that it is defined only
by what it is not.
Instead by what it was or will be,
or by its transience
Or by its potential.
The rain is not a phase.
of where the water ended up,
what else it becomes,
the rain is what it is.
Which is to say
we would never argue
that it isn’t anything


Today’s prompt was to write “a poem with a secret – in other words, a poem with a word or idea or line that it isn’t expressing directly.” Which is why this may not make sense to anyone but me, and that’s okay.

My general recommendation: “Be Nobody’s Darling” by Alice Walker“Be Nobody’s Darling” by Alice Walker

My recommendation of a fellow NaPoWriMo participant: “When This Boy Croons Every Moon in June Blooms” by CCThinks