NaPoWriMo 2 – Recipe for Executive Dysfunction

by krstaten

In blender, combine vanilla ice cream,
fruit liqueur of choice, and milk.
Blend well and forget.
While mixture melts, in separate bowl
combine 5-10 hours of Netflix
with glazed expression,
microwaved pizza rolls,
and poor posture.
(May substitute Netflix
for pointless YouTube videos.)
While doing so, fidget,
readjust body position,
and/or absent-mindedly pick at fingernails
or skin of hands.
Allow this mixture
to marinate in restlessness.
When finished, pour blender mixture
over a sink full of week-old
dirty dishes until fully dissolved
into regret. Sleep until Netflix mixture
is entirely forgotten.
Repeat as necessary.


Based on today’s prompt,  to write a poem “inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe.” This is a prompt/form that gave me so much trouble when I had to do them in college but I had a bit of fun with it. =) Again I’ll ask your forgiveness if I have accidentally written a terrible poem, but experimenting with form and allowing myself to write poetry that isn’t “Good Poetry” is the whole point of this for me this year and I have to say it’s quite liberating so far.

A recommended poem: “Questions and Answers, in No Particular Order” by Sarah Kay

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