Another New Colossus

by krstaten


Above is the plaque of the poem written for and about the Statue of Liberty, The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus. Unfortunately with the current administration’s “America First” slogan, built on years of growing “Us vs. Them” sentiment, and Donald Trump’s executive orders aimed at keeping all “Others” out, I felt that the above poem no longer accurately represents American sentiment and was in need of a rewriting.

Not like the harbor-dwelling whore they built,
With flaming torch o’er paper-tinder land,
Here at the crevice of this nation grand
A rising leader from his palace gilt
To lead us from the white-washed home of jilt,
His name a reckless lightning, burning brand.
To huddled masses anxious with demand
Cries he, “Our nation’s gutted to the hilt!
With brick and mortar, Greatness we restore.
Declare the homeless, tempest-tost our foes.
Erect this wall; melt down our golden door.
These so-called ‘refugees’ that seek repose–
Indeed, such wretched refuse are the poor,
I rest my boot across the necks of those!”