When You Begin To Hate January

by krstaten


Remember the way you admired how the world looked
when everything began to die, trees
corpses silhouetted black on an orange sunset
canvas. Remember how you admired it,
relished in the chill, prayed for perpetual October.

Remember the first snow, pristine.
The way you looked at the sparkle
like it was real diamonds, the way it felt
to let the wind into your skin, your eagerness
to taste the cold. Remember that you asked for this–
for everything to be buried, for everything
to die beautifully.

Remember that half your life
has been spent in this same cold.
Remember that you have ice in your veins,
and hoarfrost skin; remember
that seeing your crystalline breath
is how you know you’re alive today.

Remember that this is how you come alive,
and that everything is cyclical,
and that the weather in you will weather this too
again and again.


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