Not literature related, but…

by krstaten


SERIOUSLY. Look up where your polling place and what you need, if you don’t know it already, and vote.

I don’t care if you hate both Presidential options. I do think it’s worth voting for “the lesser of two evils,” because at WORST you minimize damage for a few years–at BEST, you have a candidate who will support at least a significant chunk of what you do, will choose SCOTUS justices who will do right, and will be easier to lobby for the change you want.

Beyond that, we NEED a strong Congress. VOTE FOR CONGRESS. Because no matter who the President is, if we end up with an incompetent, careless, out-of-touch, or obstructionist Congress, we’re gonna be screwed.

And vote for your state and local candidates, who are going to affect your life the most directly.

VOTE. I don’t post non-literature-related stuff to this blog for no good reason. If you’re eligible, VOTE. There is no good reason not to.