Hello, I Write Politics Too

by krstaten

I know people who follow me here follow me for poetry and general thoughts on writing and literature, so I’m not sure how much of an overlap there is, but I wanted to let everyone know about another writing endeavor I’ve decided to reinvigorate: A political blog!

When I was 20 or 21, I ran a political blog through Blogger as a means to make a little bit of extra money. I eventually abandoned it, due to the fact that I was working in political fundraising at the time (which was infuriating) and researching for these articles made work more stressful and vice versa.

Several years later, I’m working on rebranding and reinvigorating that project! Once called “Scatterbrained: Left of Center Political Musings,” it is now up under (for now) its old URL but its new name: Not Quite Professionally Political (name still subject to change).

If you have any interest in checking out how my writing and perspectives translate to politics, check out the link above.

You can also view my general ramblings on life, relationships, and growing up over at PuckerMob (which currently has some overlap with my political blog), and follow my writing endeavors and other related things I like to share over at Staten Poetry and Blogging on Facebook.