by krstaten

Everyone says some variant on the same words. They carry all the meaning we know how to convey, but it comes through as white noise. We communicate in static. Words wield so much power and yet always fall short in the same place.

Grief is not impenetrable; that is the wrong word. It is a place that absorbs the language that tries to reach it and renders it silent.

I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry.

An old friend passed away today Someone I hadn’t been close to in a while, but her husband–he’s my age, he shouldn’t have this pain. All my years of writing cannot prepare me to say anything that doesn’t feel repetitive and useless. It’s amazing how weak such a powerful thing as language can be. I define myself by my ability to use words well, and today I feel hurt and small and more powerless than ever.

Keep your loved ones close.