On Writing Endeavors

by krstaten

I just wanted to drop by in case anyone is interested in my other writing endeavors. Maybe you like poetry but also like just general ramblings about life. Or maybe you just like me as a person and want to keep up on other stuff I’m doing.

At any rate, I haven’t talked much about other things I do, so here’s this:

I also write for a web site called PuckerMob.  I write a lot of fluffy or mildly amusing stuff there, but also the occasional serious article about living with depression and anxiety, relationships, etc. It’s just a conglomerate of things that amuse me and things I want people to know.

CLICK HERE for my contributor page on PuckerMob if you’d like to check those out.

OR, better yet (maybe), CLICK HERE for my Facebook page to follow all of my posts both to PuckerMob and to WordPress, as well as any other relevant things I’d like to share (whether my own writing or occasionally interesting poems and articles I stumble upon).

And as always I’m always happy to get any feedback about my writing, web site, or anything else you feel like throwing at me. (I know the web site itself is pretty awful–I’m still learning and don’t have as much time as I’d like to sort it out, but suggestions go a long way in figuring out how!)