Denim Jackets and Other Unfortunate Revivals

by krstaten

I saw denim jackets in a fashion magazine last week, and
I can’t stop listening to Blink-182’s new song, and
I keep laughing at how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
are everywhere again. It’s like Spring to me–April, in its prime,
when every perennial memory blossoms back into vivid colors, and
all I want to do is lie on the flower beds the rest of my life.

And I know it’s just like any other season, and
in ten more years trends from ten years ago will gore the shop windows, and
then it will be the peak of summers that I always detest.
Everything keeps coming back and going away; I drive home from work
pretending I’m going to or from somewhere else, turn the music up
so loud it hurts my ears a little, like when I was just a rebel teen, and
I know I do it because I’m scared the only part of all this
that isn’t cycling back to itself is all of me.