I don’t know what to say.

by krstaten

There are two things that are keeping me sane today. One is that there are apparently so many people lining up to give blood to help the victims of the shooting today that the blood banks are requiring people to make appointments because there are too many donors to accept walk-ins.

The other is that this GoFundMe campaign to support the victims and their families has raised almost $600,000 in less than eight hours: https://www.gofundme.com/2942a444

I remember my Holocaust Literature class in Fall of 2012 and how much it messed me up. I remember we had to keep a journal about our thoughts as we went along, and one of my entries started with the following phrase:

“Man’s capacity to give is limited. Man’s capacity to take is endless. Does this mean man’s capacity for evil is inherently greater than man’s capacity for kindness?”

I still wonder about that a lot. It’s true that we are only capable of healing so much in the world, but it seems there is no limit to the destruction we can cause.

But I’m starting to think now that when I wrote that entry for that class, I was asking the wrong question.

Man’s capacity to take is limitless, but most of us choose not to. Man’s capacity to give is finite, yet many choose to give anyway.

I guess I’m still not sure what the question is, but I’m hoping this train of thought will take me on the right path to the right questions.