NaPoWriMo #26

by krstaten

There are softer shadows in the spring,
or mist resting on the tips of tree branches,
or early morning quiet punctuated by
barking dogs and creaking swing sets.
Sometimes there’s rain that goes on for days,
drowning everything into life. Look up!
Drink in wherever you are.

Somewhere, I’m sure, someone is waking up
to a rooster’s call like in the books; we
wake up to a lawnmower going on too long,
neighbors’ children crying, and a million
places to be. A mess of blankets,
a too-warm room, a home with just enough
windows to let us breathe. Look up!
Drink in wherever you are.

Tranquility and clamor are lovers
this morning, tangled up in the fog
like you and I in the blankets. Something
is always falling out of place.We call this
adventure. This is the border between city
and hush, between home and anywhere. Look up!
Drink in wherever you are.


Based on this prompt and also this tweet by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’ll call him my unintentional co-author for this, since obviously his words kind of became the heart of the poem, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about those words.

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