Hometown Memory

by krstaten

Perpetual summer
of weeds. The only buildings
made of rocks, home only
to snakes or their prey.
Silence the only custom.

A treasure buried deep
beneath the mud,
beneath the rocks,
beneath the water.
Only the sensation
of squelching mud
between the toes.

“Class of 2008” is spraypainted
at the other end of the creek,
the other bridge, the one
we don’t go to. We chose
one summer to make this one our home–
home of sundresses or short
shorts and bikini tops,
home of bare feet and
journals full of love poems.

Just you and I–
the home we made beneath
the bridge, this bridge,
stream beneath cleaving fields
into beautiful halves,
a postcard memory,
and the only thing to fear
is winter.


Based on the NaPoWriMo prompt found here.

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