How to Write a Thing: A Freewrite

by krstaten

1. Lie to yourself.

2. Be shamed by a piece of paper.

3. Turn on the computer.
Promise to melt it down and pour it
into a flower vase.
Promise to scramble the keys
like eggs
and sprinkle them
in the vase like flowers.
Promise to make something
pretty and questionable.
In other words,
lie to yourself.

3. Be shamed by a blank screen
and Facebook.

4. Punish yourself.
Swear off food until
a masterpiece leaves your fingers.
Promise yourself decadence
in the form of edibles
only as a reward–and then,
eat all the chocolate in the fridge.
In other words,
Lie to yourself.

5. Be shamed by an empty

6. Cut yourself open.
Bleed all over everything
unabashedly and unapologetically.
Be afraid of letting too much
leave your body. Be afraid
of dying. Die anyway,
but only metaphorically.

7. Lie to everyone else.