On Diversifying and Marketing (A Request for Advice)

by krstaten

I try not to think too hard about the marketing aspect of writing; I write because I’m passionate about it, above all else.

However, I do eventually plan to make it my goal to earn at least a supplementary income off of my writing, whether that’s in the form of contributing to other writing projects, publishing my own book, or–as is the case now–finding paying blogging markets.

Right now I’m working on writing for PuckerMob, and my writing there is focused on…well, life. I’ve got a post about dealing with depression; a post about panic attacks; a post about being a bookworm; a post about learning to stop being cynical. (I get paid per page view, so right now the goal is to get each of those posts in front of as many eyeballs as possible.)

In light of expanding and diversifying my writing portfolio, I also created a Facebook fan page for my writing, and sometime late this spring (because I’ve still got to plan out what I’m going to be doing with it) this blog/web site will be getting a major facelift.

Now it’s time to start marketing myself more seriously. I’m not asking anyone to tell me how to do that; but if anyone has some “For Dummies” style reference materials you can send my way regarding online marketing (currently I’m mostly focused on marketing through social networking), it would be so very much appreciated.

Also, any likes on my new Facebook page from people who would like to keep up with my writing endeavors would be appreciated! It’ll link to the stuff I post here, but also to stuff I post on PuckerMob, and if and (more likely) when I add other writing projects, they’ll be posted there, too.

Thanks in advance for any advice that may be offered–whether writing or marketing related! Any and all feedback helps.