Sonnet #2*

by krstaten

Lo! Though these many winter nights may seem
As cold as hands of lovers’ lovers gone;
Though warmth and comfort seem to me a dream
Torn fitfully away by spiteful dawn;
Though ice has settled where my heart may roam,
Has frozen shut the windows’ careful glass,
Has promised I shall not escape this home–
Still there is comfort when I see that ass.
For thine’s a booty that will warm the heart
When all else fades and winter seals us in;
A booty that will heal the world as art
And give us peace amidst the blizzard’s din.
    Though winter seems to seal the whole world shut,
    There’s warmth in knowing I can touch your butt.

*Sonnet #1 was written for a college poetry class assignment, also relating to winter and love. Perhaps it will be shared another day.