by krstaten

A response to this video by Hank Green:

Someone told me recently that at Yellowstone,
the very ground moves.
The earth, our one constant,
betrays us.
The things we name
defy what we call them:
Grounded. Constant. Faithful.
Someone told me recently that our foundations
cannot be trusted

and before today I wouldn’t have believed them.
But then I think there is a reason
the living room is full of boxes opened,
rummaged through for necessities,
and left unpacked. The foundations
under this house are shifting;
we fix boxes to support beams
in hopes that we can create a constant,
so that if the ground moves

and the earth falls away,
maybe something will still be
where we left it when we need it.
And we will need it.
They called this “honesty.”
Someone told me recently that after the ground
shifts it only creates new ground,
create surging life where once all was detroyed

and before today I would have believed them.