Life Without Internet (But With a Cat)

by krstaten

I had hoped I would have resumed posting regularly by now. But there was one thing I didn’t plan on: I can’t quite afford internet at the new place yet.

Which leads to a lot of boredom.

Which leads to staring at my cat while my computer’s open, after the fourth time I’ve opened my web browser of choice out of sheer habit and realized I couldn’t do anything with it, which as usual has led to a Notepad file being open instead and me staring blankly at it. And all of that leads to me writing stupid poems about/for my cat.




A Limerick

There once was a kitty named Shadow
She didn’t care about Rachel Maddow
‘Cause she was a cat
And really quite fat
And politics just made her sad-oh.


A Haiku

Ears prick, listening

acknowledging my presence

which she then ignores


For Obnoxious Cats at Midnight

If you were any more lazy
You’d probably just be a rock.
But at half past midnight you’re crazy;
You meow while I’m watching the clock.

If I could sleep in the night
Like you manage to in the day,
Well then maybe I just might
Look forward to hitting the hay.

But at night is when you’re wide awake
While I lie there struggling to sleep;
You meow in my ear for the sake
Of making me curl up and weep.