When Real Life Gets in the Way of Writing

by krstaten

I very abruptly went from posting several times a month to posting only once every couple weeks or so. It happened right around the time I decided I would start on a schedule, which made me feel very silly.

Unfortunately, while my writing life is very intricately tied to Real Life–that is, career, marriage, home, family, etc.–sometimes one has to take a backseat to the other. And that is what has happened.

I have recently started a new job which is not only a full time commitment but also a three-hour commute daily. My father-in-law passed away, so much of my free time is spent with my husband to work through that. I am moving very soon, so much of my remaining free time is spent packing. And personal life has just been hectic. I haven’t even been reading for the last three months or so; it’s hard sometimes just to get through the day. Mental health issues have been in full swing as well.

I’ve thought about writing a lot. I’ve got vague ideas for several blog posts–the importance of supporting each other as writers/artists; the unique ways in which mental health interferes with a writer’s life; the way different forms of media influence writing. But unfortunately those things will have to be on hold until life straightens itself out a bit more.

If I happen to write the odd poem here or there, I will still post it. In the meantime, this has been a hard lesson on the difficulty of prioritizing writing when so much else is going on. Family and work need to come first for now. I’m hoping to be back very soon.