“And Then” (A Short Freewrite)

by krstaten

Today it was the kind of summer day
you dream of when you’re fifteen
and the world is laid out like a map

for your eyes only. The sun did not
kiss my skin; the sun melted into me,
made me, for one infinite moment,
its moon.

And then, I won’t say
the thunderstorm rolled in, because
there’s freedom in that, too, clouds
billowing like a flag. The sun only

got hotter, and brighter, and the day
became more dazed. And then, I won’t say,
the day ended. Only that it faded to white.


I’m struggling to get the next actual blog post done–mostly a matter of trying to find a more solid sense of direction for what I want to say–so I figured I’d put up a short freewrite in its place for now. Also, I’m debating putting this blog on a regular schedule; more on that in another post soon.